Face Shield

Face shields by Vee Protect are made of clear plastic to ensure great visibility for both the user as well as the patient. Featuring an adjustable band, the face shield can be firmly attached to the head of the user and it fits snuggly around the user’s forehead. It is made of robust material that is fog resistant and completely covers the length and sides of the face. It is extremely beneficial to those who work in high-risk areas such as physician offices, urgent care centers, hospitals, etc.

Features of Vee Protect face shields:

  • Material used ensures clear vision
  • Soft material in the adjustable area to reduce friction with the user’s head
  • Can be worn for a long duration without any discomfort
  • Designed for using in isolation areas
  • Portable and light in weight

Tips to use:

  • Suitable for medical use on a regular basis
  • Can be cleaned by rinsing with water
  • Recommended for use with face masks

Treated with anti-fog and anti-static agents, our face shields are of high optical quality and are distortion free. It protects the entire face from splatter, droplets, spray, flying debris and other minute pollutants, etc. Offering complete protection, it is highly suitable for medical use. The face shields are easy to clean and can be cleaned with disinfectants.

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