The safety goggles by Vee Protect seal well around the area surrounding the eyes without leaving any gaps. It is made of a flexible PVC frame to precisely fit different face contours of the wearer’s with even pressure. These goggles offer protection against air-borne particles and prevent the transmission of infectious agents like viruses.

Exclusively designed for the medical personnel working in high risk areas, the goggles ensure that the wearer's eyes and the surrounding areas are completely covered. The goggles also accommodate the wearer’s prescription glasses. The clear plastic lenses of our safety goggles are treated for scratch and dust resistance. Adjustable bands of the goggles ensure that it gets secured firmly to the wearer’s face and does not get dislocated during the clinical activity. Indirect venting is provided to prevent fogging.

Product Specifications

  • Scratch and fog resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Ergonomically designed to complement and kind of face contour
  • Clear plastic lenses for superior vision
  • Adjustable straps for snug fitting
  • Dust proof
  • Indirect venting
  • Resistance against chemical splash
  • Prevents penetration of infectious droplets and other body fluids

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