Soaps produced by Vee Protect are of medical grade and fight germs effectively. Considering the complex environments in which the medical personnel works, we make soaps that keep the microbes away for a few hours after use. Doctors and caregivers working in high-risk areas require regular cleaning and disinfecting to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Our hand hygiene products such as soap, hand sanitizer and hand wash are designed to effectively fight infection.

The effectiveness of our soaps can be boosted with constant usage of our hand wash or sanitizer. These products are developed to ensure uncompromised hand hygiene and offer resistance against the most infectious contaminants. At Vee Protect, we also manufacture top quality personal protective gears and medical equipment. Manufactured in production units that adhere to all the healthcare standards, our products offer maximum protection against infection.

Product Features:

  • 72% Total Fatty Matter (TMF)
  • 2% Glycerine
  • pH - 10
  • Non-pig fat
  • Quick rinse
  • Disinfected skin

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