on-contact thermometers are crucial to prevent the doctors from getting infected by the patients, while treating them. At Vee Protect, we manufacture and supply top quality non- contact, digital, infrared thermometers that are suitable for hospital use. With the rapid temperature measurement feature, our digital thermometers are ideal for taking quick forehead temperature readings. This feature offers two major benefits. First, it can be used to take temperature readings from the patients without disturbing them during their crucial rest hours and second, the non-contact mode of reading ensures that there is no transmission of infection from the patient to the caregiver.

Scientific grade infrared thermometers from Vee Protect provide precise measurement of body temperature with the help of powerful infrared technology. Made using the new advanced technology, our thermometers are suitable for commercial and domestic use. High level of display accuracy is yet another useful feature of our infrared thermometers. This ensures that you get highly accurate temperature reading almost instantly.

Product Features:

  • Non-contact design
  • Large screen digital display
  • Accurate temperature readings instantly
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius convertible
  • Longer service life
  • Memory reserve
  • Wider use
  • Professional and hygienic
Infrared Thermometers

Digital infrared thermometer by Vee Protect is an essential tool for healthcare facilities for measuring the body temperature of patients suffering from infectious diseases without making close contact with them.

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