PPE Kits – Your Savior to Fight Infection in a Pandemic

PPE Kits – Your Savior to Fight Infection in a Pandemic

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many personal safety gears have turned up to safeguard people from the virus infection. One such gear is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kit, which has become extremely significant and popular. PPE kits are crucial protective elements that safeguard people from viruses and other microbial infections, which get transmitted. It is extensively used by medical professionals, as they closely work with patients under highly infection-prone environments. PPE not only safeguard doctors, nurses and other medical fraternity from contagious infections, but also prevent the spread of such deadly infections.

Role of PPE Kits in a Pandemic

PPE kits play pivotal role in fighting against pandemics. It contributes to minimize the spread of highly contagious microbes from spreading among people. Microbes can prevail in our surrounding as well. PPE kits prevent people from being exposed to such contaminated surroundings. Available in full-proof designs, PPE kits provide complete protection against infection and prevent the spread of such infection from person to person. PPE kits comprise of coverall, goggles, face shield, face mask, sterile gloves, shoe covers, waste disposal bag. These components of a PPE kit ensure complete safety of the user. Each protective gear in the kit is designed to protect specific part of the body.

Who Can Use PPE Kits?

PPE kits include all the necessary safety gears that can safeguard a person from the health and safety risks. Usage of PPE kits is determined by the exposure level that an individual has on a daily basis. Different settings have different levels of infection threat. However, the users can be broadly classified into:

Frontline Workers

There are several professionals who are working in the frontline such as cleaners, policemen, security guards and others who provide essential care services. They are at a great risk of getting exposed to virus infections. Using appropriate PPE can help them to cover up their body parts and mitigate the risk of infection.

Medical Professionals

Medical professionals are at high risk of getting exposed to infection. As hospitals and other healthcare centres are flooded with infected individuals and patients suffering from various health conditions, doctors and other healthcare providers are the ones who face major risk. So, medical fraternity should take all the precautions to prevent the risk of being infected. Using PPE kits can help them safeguard themselves again infectious agents while they work in such high-risk settings.

General Public

While the entire PPE kits might not be necessary for the general public at all points of time, it is important to use some of the protective gears from the kit such as masks, gloves, face shields, goggles when they are in crowded areas. This helps to prevent infection.

Even if PPE kits ensure maximum safety, the chances of infection still persist in high-risk surroundings, such as hospital settings. So, it is important to take other safety measures and stay away from such settings to prevent the spread of infection.